Yeadon & Co. Financial & Tax Service, LLC

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Professional Services

 We have developed a staff of talented individuals with extensive experience in providing diverse forms of business solutions.  Our expertise allows us to assist organizations in complying with Internal Revenue regulations and managing their finances more effectively. 

Our philosophy is to tailor services to the needs of each organization. Regardless of size, we value each of our clients and provide them with the highest quality service in several areas.

 Accounting Services

We assist churches and other non-profit organizations in all aspects of accumulating, summarizing and

reporting financial information.  We help ensure organizations have the appropriate data to manage their operations by:

  1. Performing reconciliations of bank balances
  2. Preparing financial statements and trend analysis
  3. Preparing federal, state and local payroll tax reports
  4. Preparing individual statements of charitable donations
  5. Assisting in obtaining federal tax exempt status


Tax Services

Our professionals are current with all federal and state regulations including recent documentation requirements for charitable donations.  This expertise enables us to promptly and accurately prepare all required information returns.  In addition, we prepare individual and estate income tax returns.